Happy Camper Sole Collage

Happy Camper Sole Collage

Collage is a meditative distraction.
— Recent participant

Sole Collage

Introducing our NEW expressive art program to create a


We share the joy of whimsy through collage art.

Through the art of collage and the inspiration of our whimsical footstools with shoes, participants can express and create their happy "sole" centers. We use magazines, images, craft paper, and "bling" to make a collage around a shoe design; the result is whatever makes one's heart "zing."

The activity provides an uplifting respite from chronic stress and opens a pathway for positive emotions.  The finished collage is a fanciful reminder that inside everyone is a happy sole. The FootsieStools will be attending, so smiles are guaranteed. Just for fun...no art skills needed! Themes that both men and women, young and old will enjoy! 

Many of our programs are free or low-cost.* We partner with groups and organizations to promote the arts for healing and therapeutic humor for all ages. Call Valerie at 779-238-1919 for more information about our Sole Collage Program or contact us at footsiestools@gmail.com.

*FootsieStools Ltd. is a 501c3 charitable nonprofit and works through grant funds and donations.

(Sole Collage OR heart & sole collage are copyrighted NAMES by FootsieStools Ltd.)